Ingrained in the DFL psyche, it seems, is the philosophy that all problems are solved by taxing and spending your way out, even though history has shown the complete opposite. That is, they want to tax and spend your money, but not their own. The law of diminishing returns dictates excessive spending and excessive taxation very quickly leads to floundering businesses and massive unemployment. However, now our Democrat friends want total control of every aspect of your life. They will tell you what to drive, where to live, the house you can live in, the food you eat, and whether you can have any healthcare at all. The most recent trial of these policies Democrat's propose is in Venezuela. A once rich country with a prospering middle class now delegated to eating out of garbage cans for survival. Our legislators support policies that not only cut spending sharply and reduce taxes but will produce a real boost to the economy and put people back to work.

Thank you to all our 8th District State Senate and State House Legislators:

We wish to express our deepest appreciation to our outstanding Congressman Pete Stauber.

We wish also to express our appreciation for the work done for the 8th District by all of our State Legislators.

Our Republican State Senators from the 8th District are:

Paul Utke Minnesota Senate District 2 Justin Eichorn Minnesota Senate District 5
Paul Gazelka Minnesota Senate District 9 Carrie Ruud Minnesota Senate District 10
Jason Rarick Minnesota Senate District 11 Michelle Benson Minnesota Senate District 31
Andrew Mathews Minnesota Senate District 15 Mark Koran Minnesota Senate District 32
Karin Housley Minnesota Senate District 39


Our Republican State Representatives from the 8th District are:

Mathew Grossell Minnesota House District 2A Steve Green Minnesota House District 2B
Sandy Layman Minnesota House District 5B John Poston Minnesota House District 9A
Ron Kresha Minnesota House District 9B Josh Heintzeman Minnesota House District 10A
Dale Lueck Minnesota House District 10B Nathan Nelson Minnesota House District 11B
Sondra Erickson Minnesota House District 15A Kurt Daudt Minnesota House District 31A
Brian Johnson Minnesota House District 32A Anne Neu Minnesota House District 32B
Bob Dettmer Minnesota House District 39A